Photo Effects: Green Food

11 07 2006
You can make plenty of awesome effects with Photodraw V2 by Microsoft. Here is one I made that I will show you how to do. The photo appears on the left. Now of course you know how I made it, right?

First of all, you need Microsoft Photodraw V2. If you have an older version or a newer one I won’t be sure it will work. Begin by going to the Insert menu and clicking on “Photodraw Content…”

You will be presented with a dialog box. Navigate to “Food And Dining” folder and insert BK0701.MIX. It looks like the one on the right.

Now drag it and resize it so it takes up all of the space on the “Default Picture” sized blank white area. Go to the “effects” tab and click on “Color Effects.” On the “Correct selection” panel, choose “Color Balance” from the only dropdown menu.


  • 29 in Cyan / Red
  • 38 in Magenta / Green
  • 59 in Yellow / Blue

When you are done, it should look somewhat like this on the right. Now go to the dropdown menu and choose “Colorize”. Click on bright green and drag it all the way to the right, or until the number is 100.


Note: It may not look exactly alike, because I did another version of it again.




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