Double Moniters Beat One

11 07 2006

A new technology has been released. Well, it was new in 2000. But now, it’s not. Why isn’t everybody using it then? Two moniters? Awesome. Well, the truth is that most people don’t know the feature, and some graphic cards don’t support it.

I, very fortunely, have two moniters and it is totally awesome. Some people don’t know about it.

It is really quite easy to install two moniters. However, you do need a graphics card supporting it. Once you plug it in, Windows should and will reconize it as a secondary display. You will find in the “display” properties, the settings tab will appear differently, allowing you to drag the visual view of desktops to match thier physical order.




3 responses

13 07 2006

OK, that’s cool.

However, did you ever solve the “position issue” ?

I mean, everytime the screen resets, either through a reboot, or recover from sleeping, the position of two monitors changed.

Have you got an answer for that?

eager to know…

14 07 2006

Yea, I did. My incredibly simple to operate plan is just to hibernate the computer, which basicly saves the screen position.

If I use the regular reboot, the icons and the screen position loose it. Maybe it’s some stupid bug. Tried contacting Microsoft Support, they told me to contact a professional for more information.

You need to pay money to talk to a professional, and I am already broke!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

12 09 2006

Not anymore, if I be allowed to say.

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