Don’t Be Mistaken…

11 07 2006
Readers, today I must confess a fact that I know. I have tried to keep it away from you people for a long time, but today it must be said. Get ready:

Mosquito’s can hang out in toilets. They hover over the surface of the water. Sometimes they drown. Mostly they drown. But sometimes they don’t. And they keep their appetite when they hang out in toilet bowls.

I know all of this data from amazingly true experience. One bit me on the posterior (or rear end; just trying to hide the truth) and it hurt.

One last thing: it was hard to get my itch eraser to it.




4 responses

11 07 2006

Had that experience once.

11 07 2006


11 07 2006

Oops! That’s in fact a very smart bite!


Hope you will get well soon.

11 07 2006

I’m already well. It actually happened a week ago, but as I said, I tried to keep it away from readers! 🙂

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