QWERTY: Can’t Live Without It

9 07 2006
I’m one of those people who love keyboards. Especially QWERTY. I think DVORAK is much too old and it’s not good enough for my delicate hands. 🙂

A few days ago, I was using a cell phone when I remembered I needed to enter in my friend’s number into the phone book. So I popped it up and it asked me to enter his name. I believe that was the most neck-straining thing I have ever experienced.

I bent my head down for three minutes! First, pressing a numerical key three times to get to the letter but accidentally pressing it once extra getting me “Bo(” instead of “Bob”. And if that wasn’t all, it asked me for the address.

I’m the kind of person that likes everything complete. But did I like doing it this time? Nope. But my brain kept on tempting me. That was the kind of thing that made me mad.

Either way, it’s pretty obvious for now. QWERTY keyboards rule out the numerical press-three-times-or-less for now. Those Treo things are getting quite useful now.



One response

10 07 2006

Hey, nice to see you alive on blog again!

Any news recently? Good things, or bad ones?

This is uncle Roy and I read your blog almost everyday!


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